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09/07/2020 - Nefarious Pkz Updates - Most Recent Bugs & Fixes

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  • 09/07/2020 - Nefarious Pkz Updates - Most Recent Bugs & Fixes

    Nefarious Pkz Updates!

    Hey friends, a lot of things have been happening behind the scenes and a lot of nice updates are coming in-game

    We are about to update our client with the latest OSRS data, so you can expect some nice updates.

    below are the list of the bugs and fixes that we have completed today.

    Item Alching
    Item alchemy works now you get paid gp to donate to the well or others uses.

    Items on Death
    On release when you would die in wild you lost all items no matter skulled or if not. this bug was fixed. really ridiculous bug but we just released so it was fixed instantly.

    Looting Bag
    Looting bag was not working now fixed.

    Guthix Cape
    Guthix Cape was not wearable.

    Altars inside edge bank
    Altars inside edge bank did not switch to lunar or ancients there was an altar behind the bank that still switch but still confused many people this bug was dixed again another silly bug upon release.

    Shop Name Change
    We changed the BloodMoney shop Name to PKP shop because someone complained.

    Gulag Prize
    Now you win a proper prize of PKP upon winning the tournament gulag system.
    Before it was just gold coins.

    Helmets Degradable Problem
    Some helmets like Veracs or Magma was reported to be disspeared after degrading. we looked into the problem and its fixed.

    Pure / Set Level Commands
    pking pure level commands ::setdef ::setatk ::setdef ::sethp (eg. ::setlevel attack 99)

    Added Bolts to Range Tank Setup
    We Added Bolts to the Range Tank setup to speed up the proccess for Pkers.

    Other Updates

    FIXED: scales dont go into magma helm and other helm
    FIXED: you have to uncharge it then recharge it? take out the rest of the scales then put more in
    FIXED: vigg mace not working on monsters when charged FIXED: fix dragon knives and dragon onyx bolts (e) FIXED: Money bags doesn't work. FIXED: Looting bag - can't withdraw items
    unless you go to varrock bank.
    FIXED: 200mil capes, says it's for free but if you want to buy it , it says u need 100k blood money.
    FIXED: cant recover from poison unless you re log ( box of health and poison pots dont re cover you from poison same for venom FIXED: onyx bolts (e) doesnt stack also dragon knives also cant make onyx bolts (e) myself
    FIXED: muttadile- wrong att animation
    FIXED: x2 xp well is not working - does not give xp after 50m is donated
    FIXED: make it when you train in the wild you get x2 xp
    FIXED: fix custom presets